New Yamuna Bridge

The New Yamuna Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located in Allahabad . The bridge was constructed by the end of 2004 with the aim of minimizing the traffic over the Old Naini Bridge. The bridge runs North-South across the Yamuna river connecting the city of Allahabad to its neighborhood of Naini. The construction was consulted by COWI A/S, a Danish consulting company
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One of the oldest cities in India, Allahabad has witnessed an era of historic confluence and also is among the revered pilgrimage places in the country. Be it the magnanimous Allahabad Fort, the pious Triveni Sangam or the Chandrashekhar Azad Park, Allahabad has a long list of attractions for its visitors to explore. Yamuna Bridge is like a new feather in Allahabad’s cap. The image speaks about the stupendous architecture of Yamuna Bridge. The view of the bridge during dawn and dusk is mesmerizing.
Also known as the Naini Bridge, the Yamuna Bridge is among India’s longest cable-stayed bridges. It runs across the Yamuna River in the North-South direction, connecting Allahabad to the Naini district. It was constructed in the year 2004 to minimize the traffic congestions over the old Naini Bridge. The construction of the bridge was a joint responsibility of the Hindustan Construction Company and Hyundai Engineering and Construction. - - - - source - - - - -

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